Completely Customizable CMS For Businesses
Tailor to Fit Your Unique Company Needs & Growth

Ready-to-Tailor CMS Website Base-Code Engines

Rent or Purchase with No Further Licensing Fees

Content Mangement Systems from Advertising Solutions allow any business to manage their website content without having to know any programming or coding skills.

Each CMS allows for unlimited website sections, pages, PDF's, audio & video files and more. With a Advertising Solutions CMS, managing your website is as easy as logging into the Administrative Area and clicking the EDIT button to edit a page, or clicking the ADD button to add a new page.

Every Advertising Solutions content management system can be specifically tailored and customized to meet each individual company's requirements and specifications.

Because Advertising Solutions's CMS website applications are based on open-source technology, there are no restrictions or limitations to how each base system can be customized.

An Advertising Solutions CMS Website Application makes it easy to:

  • Make Unlimited Customization Unlike Boxed Solutions
  • Modify & Integrate a Completely Custom Design
  • Add Unlimited Pages, Images & Files
  • Manage Website Content & Regular Updates
  • Generate Leads & Increase Your Return on Investment

Never Any Hidden Fees

When you purchase your CMS, you own it! You are not responsible to pay any annual licensing or renewal fees. While most clients choose to host their CMS with Advertising Solutions, you are not required to as your CMS can be hosted anywhere using a unix-based server.

Your Online Partner

When you purchase your Advertising Solutions Content Management System, choose us as your partner and let us help you customize the design, secure your monthly hosting, and be here to answer your questions anytime you need. Our Team here at Advertising Solutions is efficient in working with clients on a domestic and international level. Our clients and experience spread various industries ranging from wholesale to real estate to professional service companies and more. We have the breadth of experience needed to help you get the most from your online website.

Advertising Solutions Content Management System Benefits

  • Nothing to install, your website IS your CMS
  • Fully Functioning Content Management System
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • No Licensing or Maintenance Fees
  • Completely Customizable
  • Upgradeable as Needs Change
  • Search Engine Optimized Code
  • Several CMS Base Solutions to Fit Your Budget
  • You can add an xCommerce Shopping Cart to a new or existing website

Advertising Solutions eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions Give You Complete Control

CMS Website Add-Ons

Upgrade and improve your customers online experience by adding User Member Sections, Newsletter e-Blaster, Banner Ad Manager, and Much More. Learn more about our CMS module add-ons.

Advertising Solutions Family of Services

Advertising Solutions offers a host of additional services to help you and your new Advertising Solutions Content Management System (CMS). From Design Services to Hosting or Promotion, we can help. Learn more about Advertising Solutions's additional services and systems.

Advertising Solutions Offers Reliable Support

At Advertising Solutions, our customer referrals say it all. A large percentage of all our customers come from other customers! Our goal is to be number one in customer satisfaction and referral. Feel free to call and speak with someone live anytime.

Completely Customizable Design

Advertising Solutions Content Management Systems can be completely customized to match your corporate image. Regardless of the desired look or feel, every CMS can be modified by Advertising Solutions or any other individual or design firm.

Scalable Content Management System

With a Advertising Solutions CMS website application, there's never a restriction on growth or expansion as with boxed or off-the-shelf solutions. Regardless of how your company needs change, your website can grow and change with you with simple programming modifications. In additon, because our systems are based on open-source technology, you are never subject to additional licensing or renewals fees as found with other proprietary softwares.

Secure & Reliable

The technology behind Advertising Solutions's content management systems is a combination of Javascript, PHP and MySQL running on a unix-based platform. Alone, these technologies are known as powerful and reliable tools; together they make the secure and reliable online content management systems allowing you to manage your online business with ease.

The Easiest CMS

Advertising Solution's online content management systems are extremely easy to use and manage from any computer connected to the Internet; at home, work or on vacation! With a Advertising Solutions CMS, any business can manage their online website content with ease; Point-Click-Save!

Content Management System Features

Advertising Solutions CMS Features At-A-Glance

Advertising Solutions Content Management Systems are easy to setup and use. The following are a few of the standard features included in all Advertising Solutions Content Management Systems:

  • Web-based Administration; No Additional Software Required
  • Unlimited Pages, Images & Categories
  • No Additional Licensing or Monthly Fees; You Own It!
  • Search Engine Optimized & Friendly

...and so much more! See below for a complete list of features.

Feature Overview

Easy Setup

  • No special programming required
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Not a boxed or templated solution
  • Complete web-based administration
  • Allows for unlimited pages, graphics and services
  • Point-Click-Save! Technology

Website Design & Programming

  • Easily customized to match any company image
  • No additional licensing or monthly fees
  • Built with reliable technologies PHP & MySQL
  • Unlimited customization as needs grow & change
  • Integrate ANY 3rd party solution's API or SDK
  • Intuitive Administrative Control Panel


CMS Specifications At-A-Glance

  • Content of website pages editable by you or other authorized admin user via Administrative Center
    • No need for a web designer when you need changes or updates
    • No programming knowledge required as all changes are made using WYSIWYG Online Editor that is integrated into the Admin Center
    • No special software required
  • Completely web-based and accessible with any Internet connection
  • Access restricted to Administrative users only
  • Unlimited editable website pages
  • Can be hosted on any Linux/Unix/FreeBSD based server with PHP, MySQL, and Apache
  • No further licensing fees or renewal fees
  • Add enhancements and customize as future growth requires


Choose From Three Purchase Options:

Purchase Outright

Own immediately with no further licensing or renewal fees for only


US Funds.

There are NO additional licensing fees or monthly charges. You can host your e-commerce shopping cart website application on any of our hosting plans OR any host of your choice supporting PHP, MySQL and Apache on a Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server.

Rent To Own

Own in 12 months for only


US Funds when using a hosting plan with Advertising Solutions.

After 12 months of on-time payments, you own the website with no further licensing or renewal fees required. At this point you may:

  1. Choose to continue hosting with Advertising Solutions and keep your e-commerce website.
  2. Choose to upgrade to the latest version of the content management system (CMS) website application and continue on another 12-month rent-to-own plan.
  3. Choose to move your hosting to a hosting provider of your choice. Please note that your website application will require a Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server running PHP, MysQL and Apache.

Monthly Rental

Rent month-to-month for only


US Funds, including hosting.

The monthly rental program allows you to rent the content management system (CMS) website application without the upfront investment of purchasing and includes the following benefits & features:

  1. Includes setup on a Advertising Solutions Hosting Plan at no additional cost.
  2. Includes monthly hosting up to a Level 1 Hosting Plan, or an equivalent credit towards a larger Advertising Solutions Hosting Plan of your choice.
  3. Always have the latest updates and upgrades automatically integrated into your content management system (CMS) website system.
  4. Month-to-month solution that you can cancel at anytime.
  5. Can be purchased outright at anytime and moved to your hosting provider of choice. Please note that your website application will require a Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server running PHP, MysQL and Apache.


Advertising Solutions Demos - Live CMS Demo & Admin Control Panel

Take any of our content management system website application for a spin and see how easy it is to manage your own online website:

  • See our demo CMS website applications in action
  • Login as an Admin to view the Administrative Control Panel
  • In the Admin Area, you can:
    • add, delete and manage:
      • website pages
      • images
      • content
      • categories
      • and more in real-time!
  • Your changes will appear live on the website immediately!

We welcome you to take our Content Management System (CMS) Demo Websites for a Spin!

CMS websites that you can manage, point-click-save! Content Management Systems from Advertising Solutions allow any business to manage their website content without having to know any programming or coding skills.

In addition, Advertising Solutions's CMS base code can be customized without limit to include any future need or modification as the business grows and needs change!

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CMS Purchase Options

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